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Noiselezz® Adjustable™

Stop snoring with Noiselezz® Adjustable™ MAD (Mandibular Advancement Anti-Snoring Appliance)


Price 710 dkr

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Noiselezz® Orginal

Stop snoring with NOISELEZZ® Orginal Mandibular Advancement Anti-Snoring Appliance. 

Price 580 dkr

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Noiselezz® DL™ Delicate Lady

Stop snoring with Noiselezz® DL™ Delicate Lady Mandibular Advancement Anti-Snoring Appliance. 

Price 594 dkr

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Noiselezz PS Pressure Shift Technology Standard Strength

Noiselezz® PS™

Stop snoring with Noiselezz® PS™ Shift Technology Mandibular Advancement Anti-Snoring Appliance. 

Price 680 dkr

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Ease of use

The NOISELEZZ® appliance will fit most people upon receipt, right out of the box. If necessary, Noiselezz can be adjusted easily, simply to best fit each mouth. Full instructions are included with your appliance should they be necessary.

How it helps

Noiselezz® directly addresses the cause of snoring. It is worn at night, like a small soft flexible gumshield, and holds the lower jaw slightly forwards, to open up the airway and stop snoring.


"Been using the Noiselezz® for about a week now, with near-perfect results. According to my wife, my snoring has been 98% eliminated, and my sleep apnea no longer occurs. She no longer needs to use earplugs, white noise, or to escape to the couch.

The appliance fits well, and as promised, I've adjusted to it during the first week. It's now reasonably comfortable, and the more I wear it, the fewer nights I wake and find it ejected from my mouth.

Like many others, I tried the simplest and easiest remedies without success, and was working my way toward the more invasive (i.e. surgery, dentist-fitted appliances, etc). The Noiselezz® is cheaper, easier, and less traumatic then those alternatives, and I'd encourage any snorer to give it a try before resorting to the "prescription" remedies."

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